develop de‧vel‧op [dɪˈveləp] verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] to grow or gradually change into a larger, stronger, or more advanced state:

• Once a stock market develops in the Czech Republic, the bank's customers will be offered investment accounts.

develop into

• The city developed into a major trading center.

develop from

• The Pacific Rim has developed from being a satellite of Japan into an economic base of its own.

develop something

• The company wants to develop its European operations.

• He developed the company's laptop market, which was a great success.

2. [transitive] to plan and make a new product or provide a new service:

• We have developed a new-generation microprocessor for our top-of-the-range computers.

• It takes time to develop and market new software.

3. [transitive] PROPERTY to build on land, or improve existing buildings:

• The building contractor is developing a site in Piccadilly Circus.

4. [transitive] to use a natural substance or product in order to make a profit:

• The venture will explore for and develop oil and natural gas in the Sindh province of Pakistan.

5. [transitive] to create a plan, policy, or idea:

• The country must develop a viable national energy policy.

• We have developed a very positive plan for the store's future.

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develop UK US /dɪˈveləp/ verb
[I or T] to grow or change into a more advanced, larger, or stronger form, or to make something do this: »

They tracked the storms as they developed, and then began canceling and diverting flights.


The company later developed into a worldwide chain.

develop from sth (to sth) »

The project has taken eight years to develop from idea to fully-fledged movie.


Dual-side marketing is a new concept and requires time to fully develop.

[T] to invent something or bring something such as a product or service into existence: »

The software was developed by a marine science consulting firm.


In an era of innovation, they will need to demonstrate leadership in developing new industries and products.

[T] to think of and produce a plan or idea: »

The bill calls on the Energy Department to develop a plan to cut gasoline consumption by 20% by 2017.


The group developed the strategy with Guyana's government.

[I or T] ECONOMICS if a country develops, it gets more industry and economic activity and becomes richer: »

No country has ever successfully developed on aid alone.

[I or T] HR to learn and improve a skill, ability, quality, etc.: »

They will have to be more flexible and develop new skills.

[T] PROPERTY to build houses, factories, stores, etc., on a piece of land: »

Land along the canal was developed long before the existing flood walls were built.

develop sth into sth »

Property along coastlines has been bought and developed into resorts and vacation homes.

[T] NATURAL RESOURCES to take natural resources from an area of land, or to make it possible to do this: »

Plans to develop an iron ore mine in the north-western region of Pilbara were rejected by the Environmental Protection Authority.

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